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The characteristics of Sunny Shark 
Save up to 15% of heating costs.
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Optimizing the energy costs

We are creating and commercializing a product that allows our clients to optimize the energetic costs of collective swimming pools by considering multiple parameters such as weather forecasts, all the thermic exchanges between water and its environment and energy’s hourly rate. 
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For a different operating mode

Our product differs from the way swimming pools are usually operated. Operators usually heat the water when it’s already under the set temperature, without any consideration for the production cost of the heating at set time.
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With the help of a communication box and an intelligent algorithm

Sunny Shark is composed of a physical part, installed at the client's facility, under the form of a box communicating both with the machinery (heat pumps, temperature sensors…) and our servers. These servers host our database and specific softwares that allow us to develop and transmit, in real time, intelligent heating approaches that are suited to each facility and situation.
Who is Sunny Shark for ?
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Managers and operators

You operate a collective swimming pool (whether it is communal, for a hotel or a water park) which is equipped with a heat pump or resistive heating. You wish to decrease drastically your electric fees while maintaining your users’ comfort: it is our main goal.
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Heat pumps manufacturers 

We would like to partner with one or multiple heat pump manufacturers, in order to offer to have our device directly incorporated in their communicating machines. This way, they could offer an immediate competitive advantage to their customers.
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Energy suppliers

From all the facilities that we manage, we are able to meet your load management needs via the thermodynamic storage of our pools. 
Stop waiting, contact us to establish a free quote for an installation on your facility.
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The initial idea emerged in 2011 on the observation that the traditional water heating regulation of swimming pools was simplistic and inefficient.

After 2 strengthening years, a market study and tests that were ran on a pilot pool, the project was first accompanied by NEXA and then incubated from 2014 to 2015 in Reunion Island’s Technopole.

During this incubation, a second pilot installation was made on the heating system of the water sports center of Saint-Paul. Other installations were later made on different sites.  – voir résultats EN CHIFFRE.

We were supported in 2018 by the Credit Agricole bank's “supports fund for innovation”.

We also employed a PhD student in 2017 as part of her thesis which was also funded by the National Association of Technological Research.

We participated in two national events as exhibitors: :

  • Smart Energies Exhibition in Paris (June 2017).
  • Smart City/ Smart Grids Exhibition in Paris (October 2017) in which we were speakers for a conference dedicated to smart grid exhibitors.
Our incubation at the Technopole :


They support us : 
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Président de Sunny Shark, Emmanuel est ingénieur de formation ENSAM et le porteur du projet. Il a imaginé le concept et a commencé à l’étudier en 2011, puis s’y consacre pleinement depuis 2014.
Emmanuel Quilichini
Il est le Business Developer de Sunny Shark. Egalement à la tête du groupe international OpenSphere, cabinet de conseil en cyber-sécurité. Il est par ailleurs vice-président Export pour DIGITAL REUNION depuis 2014 et administrateur du Club Export Réunion depuis 2015.
Stéphane Jaillet
Business Developer
Noël est le responsable financier. Il est associé et Directeur Administratif et Financier de OpenSphere depuis fin 2014. Il a 15 ans d’expérience dans des grands groupes (Auchan, Quartier Français, JIR,…). Il est un des interlocuteurs privilégié et habituel des intervenants externes (banquiers, avocats, CAC, Expert-comptable, investisseurs).
Noël Jacquet
Responsable financier
Bruno est responsable du développement informatique. Il est ingénieur en développement et systèmes. Il est également directeur associé de Soobik Solutions, une société de conseil et développement base à la Réunion.
Bruno Laderval
Responsable du développement IT
Contact us

For a free quote or any other information, leave us your message and we will reconnect with you without delay.
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87 Route de la Confiance, 97438 SAINTE MARIE REUNION ISLAND
06 92 24 18 21